The Faint Breeze

I believe. I want to believe. When I’m approached for a wedding, baptism or a funeral I want to believe that those asking are genuinely interested in encountering God. I want to believe that their outward action is a sign that ‘the faint breeze from heaven freshens’ – that God is truly active in ‘calling people into his church’. Yes, it is tempting to think that their outward pious act has another motive ……. a few nice photos, a future reference or …… But I’d rather believe that they come because the faint breeze from heaven freshens. Despite myself, despite some past experiences, I will always choose to believe and so roll in the joy of that faint breeze.

Chapel Deacon by R.S.Thomas

Who put that crease in your soul,
Davies, ready this fine morning
For the staid chapel, where the Book’s frown
Sobers the sunlight? Who taught you to pray
And scheme at once, your eyes turning
Skyward, while your swift mind weighs
Your heifer’s chances in the next town’s
Fair on Thursday? Are your heart’s coals
Kindled for God, or is the burning
Of your lean cheeks because you sit
Too near that girl’s smouldering gaze?
Tell me, Davies, for the faint breeze
From heaven freshens and I roll in it,
Who taught you your deft poise?