House groups are an important part of the parish life at St Michael’s. Some of the existing groups were started many years ago, others much more recently. They allow for any level of belonging and participation and each are supportive and welcoming.

Why not think about joining a group or starting one yourself?  The groups are versatile and open to any particular age, family circumstances or work schedule.

There are currently four groups operating in the parish. Here is a short run down on the groups based on feedback from members.


Where: Rose Bay at the home of Rosemary Everett
When: Second Tuesday of each month.
Who: Mixed group of adults
What: In years gone by we have used various study books for guidance in addition to tailored studies prepared by Ray Jarratt. More recently our approach has been to study the gospel reading for the following Sunday 10:00 am service and this has proved to work quite well. The group has been going for around twenty years, and is very happy to welcome new members.


Where: St Pauls Chapel in St Michael’s church
When: Every Wednesday morning at 10.00 am.
Who: Mainly ladies. There are usually around twelve people present. Some have belonged to the group for a long time and other have come more recently. It usually lasts an hour and a half
What: This is a Bible study group led by Jane Robinson.


Where: Usually at the home of Jennifer and Ross Glasson, Vaucluse. When: Every second Thursday.

Commences at 8.00 pm and finishes at 9.30 Who: Mixed group of adults

What: Time is spent catching up followed by a discussion based on a book, a Bible study (in recent years Mark, Romans and 1 Peter), or the Parish Lenten program. Sometimes we say Evening Prayer. We spent quite a few weeks reading Robert Wilkens, “The First Thousand Years”, on early Christianity. We have read books by Tom Wright on various aspects of Christian faith and practice and Philip Jenkins and Rodney Stark on early Christianity. With books we take it in turns to lead. Bible studies are sometimes led by Bruce Kaye. We think the group was started about forty years ago over which time membership has varied a lot although some of the original members are still part of the group! We have appreciated the fact that we have been able to support each other through various life stages and challenges. New members would be most welcome.


Where: At the home of Ning Jiang Towns Road, Vaucluse.
When: Every Friday morning 9.45 am to 11.15am.

We have been meeting since approximately 2005, though the members have changed over that time.
Who: This group started as a group for young mums and mums of school aged children. Some of these mums moved away and we were joined by a number of long standing members from St. Michael’s, and later by friends who are not members at St Michael’s. So we are of women from different backgrounds and circumstances.

What: We do mainly Bible study and personal prayer, though at the moment we are doing a Christian apologetics course based on a book, “The case for faith” by Lee Strobel. We appreciate digging deeper into the bible and are encouraged by prayer and support for issues in our lives. We appreciate the group for its support in life’s journey, the spiritual encouragement, and the growth in faith it provides. We try to engage in outreach through social projects like knitting blankets for members of St. Michael’s who have gone into a nursing home. We try to incorporate Lent and Advent as part of the Christian year and are happy for people to join for short periods. We would definitely welcome new members.

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