Banana Shoot Ministries are annual events in the life of St. Michael’s. They are optional events but without them we would lose opportunities for involvement, creativity and relationship building. In the predictable flow of Parish Life, seasoned by the Church Year, it is the Banana Shoot Ministries which are our signature celebrations. They are events which add particular colour to our community life.

A banana tree starts as a small shoot. Over the course of a year it matures and produces its fruit. Our Banana Shoot Ministries are not the ebb and flow ministries involved with our various rosters (e.g. Sunday service roles, Sunday School, Feast Day Services, crèche,  upkeep activities etc.) or our other regular ministries (e.g. Scripture, Youth Group, Horizon Band,  St. Michael’s Singers, Bible Study Groups etc.).

Banana Shoot Ministries are events which are planned for, announced and then come to fruition at a specific point in the calendar year. The co-ordinator can run the event for several years however Banana Shoot Ministries are all events that could just as easily be completed and then handed over to a new co-ordinator.  In horticultural terms each new banana shoot is called a sucker. In terms of Christian Service each new coordinator of a Banana Shoot Ministry has an opportunity to help or lend assistance and so to succour our community life.

At our Annual Vestry Meeting the list of Banana Shoot Ministries is agreed upon and volunteers to coordinate them announced/sought and commissioned. The Parish Ministry Team together with the Parish Council will identify an administrator to liaise with Banana Shoot Ministry coordinators.


Administering the Banana Shoot Ministries

Administers will coordinate various Banana Shoot Categories. These administrators will support coordinators, encourage the documenting of relevant information and work with coordinators about recruitment of volunteers and succession planning. It is clear that each Banana Shoot Ministry performs a number of community functions however grouping them together under the following categories seems appropriate for administrative purposes:

1.    Outreach & Mission

a.    Clean up Australia day
b.    Heritage Week
c.    Anglicare Toys n’ Tucker
d.    Election Day BBQs

2.    Worship Services

a.    Palm Sunday
b.    Maundy Thursday Dinner
c.    Mother’s Day Flowers and Simnel Cake bake-off
d.    Pentecost Balloons
e.    Biggest Morning Tea
f.     City to Surf Breakfast
g.    Father’s Day Biscuit Parcels
h.    Christmas Eve Spiced Tea and Gluhwein

3.    Social Events

a.    Listening groups
b.    August Book Reading & Meet the Author
c.    MichaelMunch & back to Church Sunday
d.    Weekend Away
e.    Poetry &/or Play reading

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