Thank you for enquiring about the possibility of having your child presented at St Michael’s for baptism. The birth of a child and their baptism is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the marvel of life and of our spiritual natures. We at St Michael’s feel privileged to be able to encourage you in this emphasis on values and meaning, which you desire for your family.

As the service of infant baptism calls on parents and godparents to make public declarations of the Christian faith, it is required that you have opportunity to discuss these promises prior the setting of the date of baptism.

This is not because we at St. Michael’s have a desire to “knock back” a request for baptism. On the contrary, we are extremely delighted to support you in your desire to raise your child as a Christian. The reason for a face-to-face meeting is threefold:

1.  So that you can be familiar with the faith content of your promises and the flow of the service itself.

2.  Give an opportunity to become acquainted with one another prior to the service so that the baptism of your child at St. Michael’s will be a personal & relevant occasion. This will also alert you to the ongoing support available to you as you seek to fulfil the baptismal promises.

3.  There have been rare occasions when the parents bringing their children for baptism have booked dates, invited guests and appointed Godparents only to be themselves unwilling to proceed after realising the public promises required of them in bringing children for baptism. A simple meeting together to discuss the service prior to “date setting” can remove the possibility of any embarrassment. (If required a service of “Welcome & Thanksgiving” could be discussed as a less confessional alternative to the Service of Baptism.)

Children usually have somewhere between two to four Godparents, with tradition being three (a male child having two Godfathers and one Godmother, a female child having two Godmothers and one Godfather). If possible, it would be best to be familiar with the promises, which the Godparents must make, prior to approaching potential godparents.

Baptisms are usually conducted in our Sunday Morning Services at 10.00am. Unfortunately due to a variety of community programs and many requests for baptisms we cannot always satisfy specific date requests.

Requests for baptism from beyond the normal orbit of those who attend services with us, will require the advice of the minister of the parish where you normally reside or usually attend church services.

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