Confirmation is where you take responsibility for the promises that your parents and God-parents (or you as an adult) made at your baptism. Like baptism it involves making public declarations about your faith and intention to live with Jesus as your Lord. Consequently, it involves taking a short course through the basic elements of the Christian faith and then there is a special church service where the Bishop comes and you confirm your promises in his presence and he confirms you as a member of the church.

Confirmation is for those who are in their mid teens and older who have come to a point where they want to ‘stand on their own two feet’ as Christians. It is a great opportunity to learn more about God and Jesus Christ, meet other Christians, and get to know your local church (if you aren’t already part of it). It is hoped that the candidates will look to foster a pattern of church attendance during their confirmation preparation that will endure with them beyond the service of Confirmation.



The Confirmation programme will involve six Sunday evening discussions.

A ‘merging’ of the Watson’s Bay Anglican Parish and the Anglican Parish of Vaucluse/Rose Bay

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